Turning Pointe operates the second largest domestic violence shelters in the state. 

  • 60-bed shelter
  • Clients can stay up to 90 days
  • Pet friendly
  • Kids room
  • Teen room
  • Adult room
  • Full communal kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Access to computer resources

While the average stay at the shelter is 60 days, we allow clients to stay for up to 90 days.  We offer assistance locating housing and finding employment. We continue to provide advocacy and supportive services after they transition to more permanent housing for as long as they are in need, often for several years or more.

Our facility provides private rooms for families that are set-up as small suites with a kitchenette, beds and furniture.  We have additional adjoining rooms with beds that are linked for larger families.  We have: a large community kitchen; adult, teen and children's lounges; fenced and secure outdoor space with play sets, basketball court, patios, outdoor furniture, barbeques and pet kennels; food pantry, clothing bank and basic supplies including pet food and diapers; and administrative offices and program space.

If you would like to dontate to Turning Pointe, please see our needs list below.
Shelter Needs List

We are unable to accept any open containers.  Contact 360-426-1216 if you have questions regarding appropriate shelter donations.  Donations may also be taken to Treasures or Sonrise.  These community partners give us client vouchers, so be sure to indicate that the donation is in the name of Turning Pointe.
Shelter (Outdoor) Needs

* Childrens Toys- Suitable for all weather conditions
* Lawn Edger

*Soaker Hose

* Garden Shovels

* Large Trash Cans

*Wasp, Ant and Bug Killer

* Heavy Duty Garbage Bags- for yard waste

* Weed killer- preferably an eco-friendly

* Buckets

*Cleaning Rags
Shelter (In House) Needs:

* Non Perishable Foods

* Phone and Gift Cards - Walmart, Fred Meyer, Safeway

* Kitchen Supplies- Silverware, pot holders, utensils, loaf pans, plastic cups, kitchen towels etc.

*Towels- Bath towels, washclothes,  handtowels & papertowels

* Bedding- Full and Twin size fitted and flat sheets, blankets, and pillows

* Cleaning Supplies- High efficiency laundry soap, bleach, fabric softner, stain remover, automatic and regular dishwashing liquid, dustpans and brooms, plastic hangers

* Paper Products- Toilet Paper, paper towels, paper plates, napkins, face tissues

* Unused Personal Hygiene Products and Undergarmets- Socks, slippers, bras, underwear, nail clippers, nail polish remover, deoderant, bar soap, feminine hygiene products, shaving cream, razors, toothbrush/past, etc.

*Hair Products- Shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, brushes, combs

* Kids Supplies- Baby bottles, shampoo, body wash, baby wipes, diapers and pullups, birthday gifts for boys and girls all ages and sizes.

* School Supplies- Backpacks, notebooks, markers, glue sticks,planners, color crayons, calculators, colored pencils, pens, pencils etc.

* Books- Self Help, Recovery, domestic violence prevention, parenting, children, teens

* DVD Movies- Rated G through PG13

*Handheld Children Games- For children waiting to testify in court or long appointments; ie coloring books, activity books etc

​*Gaming Systems & Games- For teenagers

Pet Lodging Area Needs

* Flea Treatment- For dogas and cats

*Large Plastic Trash Cans (with lids to store pet food

* Treats- For dogs and cats

* Kitty Litter and Pans

* Dishes- For pet food and water

* Dog Houses- New or used

* Pet Hygiene- Shampoo, nail clippers, hair brushes

* Bathing Material- water hose/spray nozzles, scrub brushes, towels, buckets

*Collars and Leashes- For dogs and cats